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As an advertiser with Your McMurray Magazine and/or YMM Parent, your company, organization, or event will be promoted on a variety of platforms, including print media and digitally through our websites and social media.


Your McMurray Magazine (YMM) is printed four times each year and features topical and seasonal feature articles, as well as regular content from local contributors with the sole purpose to inform, engage and connect the residents of the Wood Buffalo region to their communities.

YMM has a print distribution of 5,000 – 15,000 copies per issue, and a readership of more than 10,000 – 30,000 through second and third reads. The magazines are distributed through local vendors and are featured in various high-traffic locations. As well, special digital editions are featured online throughout the year. Due to the high print quality and truly local content, readers will likely keep it to pass along to family or friends, or read it through a couple of times.


YMM Parent is an annual publication that is the official family-focused publication of Balsom Media Group. It offers exclusive local content written by the region’s professionals on the livelihoods of families living in Fort McMurray and its surrounding areas. In 2019, the publication also introduced the Top 20 Under 20 program, which is a community mentorship initiative
that highlights outstanding children and youth of the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region.

Five thousand copies are printed and distributed throughout the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region through targeted distribution. Unlimited online readership is made possible through our digital platforms. Explore the latest feature articles and our archives anytime on your desktop or mobile device.


Twice a week, our e-newsletter slides into the DMs of our thousands of subscribers. The vibe is fun and casual, and it ensures that messages are delivered in a timely manner. If you have an event coming up soon or something you want our readers to know about ASAP, YMM Weekly is the perfect place to advertise.


YMM Online is where all of our readers go, whether they’re readers of Your McMurray Magazine, YMM Parent, or both. Featuring the content of both publications PLUS content that’s featured exclusively online, YMM Online hits all of our audiences at once.

YMM Weekly
We bring you the current, the quirky, and the uniquely Fort McMurray what’s-a-shakin’s.

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