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As an advertiser with YMM Online, your company, organization, or event will be promoted on a variety of platforms, including print media and digitally through our websites and social media.

We believe in building relationships with all of our clients and work with each organization and business to build a meaningful advertising partnership that works for their strategic marketing objectives.

With our multi-platform approach, we can establish advertising plans that work with you and your unique needs.

Advertising in Your McMurray Magazine and YMM parent gives the advertiser an opportunity to reach out to a broad local audience, as well as those who visit and spread the message across the country and world. With a wide, varied and unique distribution, Your McMurray Magazine and YMM parent will reach a captive and willing audience, and with many copies in distribution throughout the region it will also reach a diverse, affluent group of buyers, sellers and job-seekers. 

Interested in advertising with us?

Click the contact us button and choose Discuss Advertising or email Kerri directly at

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