Kerri kicked off her career with the CBC Edmonton {television} News, but transitioned into print media after her {now teenagers} were born. She uses social media to tell her story on the daily, and believes there is no such thing as kissing dogs too much. She laughs loudly, gets extraordinarily weird if she doesn’t eat on a regular schedule, and has a quiet fascination for marionettes, stemming from that one scene with the puppet goats in The Sound of Music. She fills her free time with her fiancé, plotting ways to have fun and find new adventures together, and she fills her professional hours crafting ways to connect people through creative storytelling and authentic communication.

Diana Noble prepares to brave the shave in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association Wood

Bernadette was born in Fort McMurray, Alberta in the traditional territory of the Cree and Dene.

Dave Hill is a life-long community member, leader, entrepreneur, and fierce advocate for the Wood Buffalo

Gwen, raising four daughters, volunteered with many school committees as well as the Northwinds Marching Band,

Julien Giroux moved to Fort Murray in 2010 and was able to secure employment shortly after.

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