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It’s hard to believe that we are going on to our tenth year of Your McMurray Magazine, and we are pleased that you are reading our latest edition, Below the Surface.

Back in 2015, we shared our first ever edition on the oil sands but for this new edition we wanted to dive a little deeper. It is important for us to listen to the community and write about all the positive stories that stem from just “under the surface” of both our energy sector, but also the community and people that makes Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo just what it is — home.

This issue is jam-packed with stories and pride from the oil sands by our region in general. You’ll notice the cover is a fun map of our region that includes a graphic showcase of the oil sand areas throughout the region. It’s hard to believe so much activity really exists below the surface as our region extracts oil in a sustainable way through mining and in situ operations. We take pride and showcase the Indigenous companies that are more and more the backbone of the energy sector’s success. You can read more about just some of the amazing Indigenous businesses at the heart of our region starting on page 45.

We have so many amazing women leaders in industry today and we couldn’t wait to showcase eight of these women in this edition.  Thanks to Hines Health Services for always supporting leaders in this region and capacity building – your support to give some extra special attention to these changemakers is appreciated. Learn more on page 50.

I’d like to give a special thanks to our editorial team that poured their hearts and minds into the pages you’re about to read, led by our managing editor, Kerri Johnson. Our team sure hopes you enjoy and take something away from all these pages. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to adding even more to this edition next year when we continue to dive “below the surface” of the community. I know I, for one, am exceptionally proud to call home.

We are grateful to the entire region for supporting this publication, and are very excited to be celebrating 10 years of telling the stories of everyone who lives, works and plays here.

Krista Balsom

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