Kristi Hines, Hines Health Services

Hines Health Services has partnered with Your McMurray Magazine in this Below the Surface edition to help showcase the remarkable women who are making a difference in industry.

Kristi Hines, Founder and Director of Hines Health Services, recently chatted with our editorial team about the impact women are having in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo and beyond.


YMM: Tell us about Hines Health Services and the work it does in the region.

HHS: Hines Health Services (HHS) is Alberta’s local medical staffing and occupational health care provider. Founded in 2012, HHS has an extensive client base ranging from diverse industries to all levels of government. HHS’s varied scope of services includes a local assessment clinic, mobile services, on-site testing, staffing and remote medical services, as well as a dedicated Emergency Medical Division.

Based in Fort McMurray, HHS has made a commitment to Albertans – to ensure they have rapid access to comprehensive occupational health and wellness services performed only by highly qualified medical professionals. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, HHS has been a go-to provider of testing to all levels of government, ensuring that Emergency Medical Responders, health care workers and those keeping Alberta’s economy running are healthy and fit-for-duty.


YMM: When you look at women who are having a big impact in industry, what do you see?

HHS: The benefits of increasing women’s participation in employment and leadership roles is well-researched, and gender inequality is recognized as a constraint to economic growth.  Industry players in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo seem to have caught on to this notion faster than others as demonstrated by the significant and plentiful opportunities they provide for women in our region.

Furthermore, there are success stories of women-led entrepreneurial businesses in our region that support industry.  These trailblazing women demonstrate professional excellence, community-mindedness and passion, which are the fundamentally essential qualities of business leadership. 


YMM: What have you identified as some of the biggest challenges that women are overcoming in Industry, and what do you believe is the biggest contributor to their success in overcoming these challenges?

HHS:  As part of the gender parity shift, we need to continue encouraging more women to consider science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and jobs, and it would be beneficial to see this interest start at a younger age – even in high school. 

Moreover, companies in industry must continue the pursuit of creating an inclusive work culture, overcoming counterproductive bias and giving room to diversity.  Companies are changing their policies to enable women to thrive instead of forcing them to choose between parenthood and career advancement. 

Finally, we all must play a role in developing the pipeline of female talent and accelerate the progression of women through mentoring, career planning, training and supportive networks.


YMM: What do you see for the future of women in industry?

HHS: The energy sector – and particularly renewable energy – offers diverse, rewarding job opportunities for women.  There’s progress in increasing women’s employment, engagement and participation.  Historically, women have faced specific challenges and barriers that prevented them from entering the workforce and advancing their careers.

Many companies have adopted employee programs that promote diversity in the workplace.  At HHS, we offer an innovative program to accommodate working mothers.  By adopting a self-scheduling work model, we have effectively managed to reintegrate mothers with young children into the workforce, while managing the busy demands of home-life.  HHS actually has a work-life balance culture, which results in staff performance, low turnover, and positions itself as a sought-after place to work.


YMM: Are there any additional thoughts you’d like to share in terms of the impact women are having on Industry in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo and beyond?

HHS: Since my time driving a 300-tonne heavy hauler truck as a summer student some 25 years ago, a lot has changed.  There are now far more women in industry than before, and the transformation is notable.  When I go to site, I see women in the workforce and particularly in leadership roles – this makes me proud of the energy industry and the women contributing to our region.  There are amazing opportunities here for women here in industry. 

With a broader talent pool and a more inclusive workforce, the energy sector has created the conditions for innovation for an industry of the future.  Women provide the workforce with diverse perspectives and skillsets, innovative ideas, and improved group collaboration.  There are programs and support services designed to help women explore and connect with careers.  Women Building Futures offers courses such as Power Engineer Career Accelerator and Construction Bootcamp that are relevant to careers in our region.  I’m excited to be part of the shift to gender parity and the movement to mobilize our community to pursue a bright energy future.

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