Q & A with Best of YMM Presenting Partner Hines Health Services

Hines Health Services has partnered with Your McMurray Magazine in this Best of YMM edition to help showcase the people and businesses that make Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo such an outstanding place to live, work and play.

Kristi Hines, Founder and CEO of Hines Health Services recently chatted with our editorial team about what she considers the Best of YMM.

YMM: Tell us about Hines Health Services and the work it does in the region.

HHS: Since 2012, Hines Health Services has been committed to providing customized health solutions to help businesses thrive. Hines Health Services acts with urgency, staying one step ahead of the fast-paced worlds of business and healthcare. Hines Health Services is a data-driven company that continues to expand its offerings in response to shifting landscapes and the needs of the organizations it serves.


Hines Health Services (HHS) is Alberta’s local medical staffing and occupational health care provider. HHS has an extensive client base ranging from diverse industries to all levels of government. HHS’s varied scope of services includes a local assessment clinic, mobile services, on-site testing, staffing and remote medical services, as well as a dedicated Emergency Medical Division.

YMM: At Your McMurray Magazine we’re passionate about telling the good stories of our region, and that’s why we love to celebrate the Best of YMM. Why was becoming the Presenting Partner of the Best of YMM edition something important to you?

HHS: At Hines Health Services we love recognizing businesses that are contributing positively to our community.  We know how hard these businesses and award winners have worked to get where they are and we want to be a part of recognizing their grit and dedication.  Congratulations to all of the nominees and award winners.

YMM: If you had an out-of-town guest visiting for 24 hours, where would you bring them and what would you do to showcase what you believe is the best of YMM?

HHS:  First, we would meet them at the airport to showcase our award-winning facility.  Next, we would take them to breakfast at Avenue before a round of golf at Fort McMurray Golf Club.  After golfing we would grab lunch at the Bear and Buffalo which is conveniently located at the Club.  We would then go shopping at a few local stores including the Flower Studio, Yvonne Lauren and Heritage Park. To finish off the day we would go for supper at Surekha’s on the Snye and end the day with bowling at the Alley.

YMM: What qualities do you think our winners possess that have set them up for success and recognition as the Best of YMM?

HHS: Having a dedicated client base is a great way to be successful and be recognized by the community. I think it is important to be passionate about what you do and to treat your customers and clients well.  Building these relationships will ensure that your clients continue to use your services and will recognize you for awards such as Best of YMM.

YMM: As a successful business leader in our community what advice would you give to people who are thinking about starting their own business in our region?

HHS: Fort McMurray is a great place to do business. Setting-up shop here is still worthwhile because we continue to need access to local industrial, medical and retail services. In terms of the workforce, you will not find harder-working people. Our community understands the value of hard work.

Fort McMurray is a family community. And if it’s not your immediate family, it’s your work family and or your friends. During the wildfire and Pandemic, the rest of Canada got a glimpse into how closely knit we are and continue to be.


For more information on Hines Health Services, visit

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