World Hijab Day Fort McMurray Returns Online Following COVID Hiatus

The 8th annual World Hijab Day Fort McMurray (WHDYMM) event will return online on Sunday, February 6, 2022 after last year’s hiatus due to COVID.

The social media campaign invites ladies to post selfies with the #DressednotOpressed hashtag. And, for the first time, men are also invited to partake by wrapping a winter scarf around their neck.

Celebrating the Hijab, the Islamic headscarf worn by Muslim girls and women, World Hijab Day was launched 10 years ago by Nazma Khan on February 1st in New York. It is now recognized in over 150 countries around the globe.

The local event, which used to see over 100 women and community leaders attend before COVID – features the tagline Modesty, Honour, Beauty, which aptly captures the sentiment felt by Hijabi Muslim women. Sundas Shamshad, WHDYMM President, invites everyone to join the social media campaign.


“This year it is easy to show your support from the comfort of your home. Your selfie in a tweet, post on Facebook and Instagram can make a difference. One doesn’t have to look far to see the continuous discrimination faced by Hijabi women – Quebec teacher Fatemeh Anvari was recently fired because she wore the Hijab. France continues to target Muslim Hijabi women. This is the time for action. Canada, in particular Quebec, needs to do better. The world needs to do better, and we can all do better with action,” said Shamshad.

Participants can share selfies via: Twitter: @WHDYMM. Instagram: @worldhijabdayymm or Facebook: World Hijab Day Fort McMurray. Organizers will use those photos on all three social media portals to promote the campaign.

You can learn more about the World Hijab Day organization by visiting

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