Young local humanitarians to donate hair to Canadian Cancer Society

I want to be Noor and Ujaala when I grow up. The dynamic Hussain sisters are well-known across the region for their humanitarian campaigns. And, on April 30, 2022 will be donating their hair for the third time, and fundraise for the Canadian Cancer Society. The event will take place at Hair Trends salon downtown at 2 p.m., with MP Laila Goodridge expected to be in attendance.

This time their hair donation will go to Angel Hair for Kids, which provides wigs to kids who have lost their hair. Ujaala’s hair is 15 inches, Noor’s is 14 inches long.

Noor, 11, and Ujaala, 9 are home-schooled and in grades 5 and 3 respectively. In 2016 when they donated their hair for the first time, they raised $3400, and in 2019 $4600. They are extraordinary young ladies, who are already aware of the severity of Cancer.

YMM: Thoughts on doing this for the third time?


Ujaala: This time I know something I didn’t know the first time I donated my hair when I was three, how it feels like to walk around in public with short hair, how many people get Cancer daily and how painful Cancer can be. It reminds me of Terry Fox’s journey, who did not give up despite all the challenges.

Noor: The first time I donated my hair I was only five so I did not fully understand how important it was. I got a sense of appreciation for my life quality. I learnt many stories of courage, family, love and determination.


YMM: Why did you do this initially, and why again?

U: We did this because several of our parent’s friends were affected by Cancer and unfortunately some died. We also did this to make Cancer patients feel more comfortable because treatment makes them lose their hair.

N: I did this initially because my friend Chandra Lily was donating her hair and I thought it was interesting. But the last time we did it I started to understand what Cancer is and how it affects people. We are on a continuous journey. Good news is that one of our friends is also donating her hair and fundraising with us this year. A small light can light another light and eventually illuminate the whole world!


YMM: Why should people donate to your campaign?

U: Because kindness goes a long way and has a ripple effect, no matter how little you give. One out of two Canadians are at risk of having Cancer once in their lifetime. So we need to find the best solution.

N: Your donation will help fund life-saving research and awareness. Families suffering from Cancer not only need financial help but also our love/support.


As they mentioned, the girls are excited to have a friend, Hetvi Mavani, 10, also joining their team to donate her hair.

Their parents Shazia Mughal and Kashif Hussain are proud of their daughters. And, shared the inspiration on how the campaign started.

“One of our friend’s daughter (11) lost her life to Cancer, and we were heart-broken. Next year, a few more close people succumbed. We then decided as a family to work together to support people impacted by Cancer. We know it’s a life-long journey, we’re doing our part,” explains Shazia.

“We are extremely honoured to watch our girls do all this great work. As Cancer activists they are raising awareness about the disease, supporting advance research through fundraising. Their love for humanity will help us make this world a better place. We are thankful to our friends/community who always support this cause. Many businesses like Hair Trends and Life and Portraits are always supportive. One of the girls’ friend is also joining them, while few others are also inspired. We are so proud of this young generation’s kindness. Snowball effect!”

Watch Noor and Ujaala’s video. Here’s the link to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society.


Photo: Noor (left) and Ujaala are ready to donate their beautiful hair. Photo credit: Crystal Mercredi, Life and Portraits

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