Maskne: How to break away from the breakouts

Let’s discuss some lighter aspects of the COVID-19 virus; let’s talk about MASKNE. This word is a compilation of two words, mask and acne, “[…] put it together, and what have you got? Bibbidi-bobbidi-…” No, no, no, you get mask-ne.

Although Alberta was one of the first provinces to lift mandatory indoor masking completely, it is still compulsory to wear masks in hospitals and airports.

“While wearing a mask, it’s [essential] to let your skin breathe, stated Michelle Hand, General Manager and Marketing Coordinator at Achieve Wellness Spa. “Maskne happens once moisture builds up under the mask […] so once you can understand the cause, preventing the spread can be [pretty straightforward].”

Having a continuous skin care regime to combat external stress factors on the face can only help so much. Another step to help keep acne to a minimum is to make sure your mask is always clean. “If you prefer the reusable style, I would wash between wears! A new mask for every day of the week,” added Hand.


COVID-19 fatigue is a real issue which has affected so many these past couple of years. So it is understandable that since travelling is back for many, people want to look and feel their best. Add some pizzazz here and there, fluff that volume into the hair, and maybe put on some makeup.

Is it possible to wear makeup under that mask and have your skin still be okay? “Liquid foundations are not usually breathable and promote oil and keep moisture trapped under the skin. [Powder, on the other hand] is more breathable and is a much better option for promoting skin health,” continued Hand.

Breakouts come and go, and sometimes the regular wash routine doesn’t seem to do the trick. “Keep your hand[s] away from your face!” As per Hand’s suggestion, other options to help an episode are to “Use a cleanser with salicylic acid to help dry out the acne, drink lots of water and eat some greens!” suggested Hand.

We are all continuing to adjust to this new world. It’s hard to say if the health care system and airlines will ever do away with masking, but it doesn’t seem like they will ex them anytime soon. In the meantime, wash your face, keep your masks clean, minimize touching, and try for a breathable mineral foundation.

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