McMurray Gathers for Eid ul Adha

It’s the power of faith. A moment in time – no human being can fathom, has come close to, can come close to – a father’s almost sacrifice of his son.

It’s Prophet Abraham’s ultimate act of worship when he was ready to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, for God. And, that moment is recognized in all Abrahamic religions.

Supplied Photos: Eid ul Adha fun fair was a major hit

Muslims commemorate this amazing gesture, and the end of Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca by celebrating Eid ul Adha. Adha means “festival of sacrifice.” The three-day celebration was held on July 9, 2022.

Local Muslims gathered at Markaz ul Islam, the Fort McMurray Islamic Centre in Dickinsfield, on Abraham’s Land (how fitting), where two congregational prayers were performed followed by the distribution of goody bags for children and sweets for adults.


An Eid fun fair was held on July 10 at the same venue featuring family festivities complete with bouncy castles, rides, henna tattoos, and a petting zoo.

Shaikh Maqsood Sher, one of the leaders of the local Islamic congregation says, “Eid ul Adha translates as celebration of sacrifice. Commemorating the story and conversation of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail. Muslims around the world celebrate it by sacrificing and distributing meat for the needy. Muslims in Fort McMurray started their day with a prayer and enjoyed feasting with families and friends. Eid ul Adha teaches us to sacrifice what you love for others and to prioritize Allah’s will over everything else.”

Indeed, feasting comes with the celebration. Family and friends gather over mainly meat entrees, and cultural staples while donning fancy new clothes.

Mohammed-Ali Al-Zabidi, President, Markaz ul Islam, notes the occasion was one everyone looks forward to.

“Muslims celebrate two Eids, and they are highly anticipated through the year. The first one, Eid ul Fitar marks the end of Ramadan, and this weekend’s Eid ul Adha was a joyous day. Thank you to all our volunteers for their hard work in organizing the prayers, and the fun fair. The smoother the event is, the more work has happened behind the scenes. Thank you also to everyone for attending.”

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