2021 Top 50 Under 50

The time has come to celebrate another amazing group of individuals: the Top 50 Under 50 Class of 2021, presented by Acden.

Thrilled doesn’t begin to cover how we feel! So how did we get here?

Each year we assemble a special selection panel, made up of our team, community leaders, and former Top 50 recipients. Each panelist brings a list of people from across the community for consideration, and over the course of many hours and a facilitated consensus-based decision making process we determine the final list. This is not a responsibility that anyone takes lightly, because we are so passionate about this region and the people that make it great.

We couldn’t do this without the contributions of so many people. First, our selection panel, who volunteer their time to uplift others. The 2021 Top 50 Under 50 and YMM Builders were selected by:

  • Nicole Martyn-Dickinson
  • Cecilia Sara
  • Said El-Mejdani
  • Alexandra Tarasenco
  • Colleen Stewart
  • Elena Gould
  • Anna Noble
  • Krista Balsom
  • Steve Auty
  • Will Collins
  • Chantal Beaver
  • Mitchel Bowers
  • Mitch Mercredi
  • Dianna de Sousa
  • Jerry Neville
  • Jen Neville
  • Jen Kennett
  • Cathy Steves
  • Emma Carter
  • Michael Jesso
  • Mike Jones

Next, our creative partners: Neville Video Productions and Amie Roberts Photography, who put in long days in sometimes not-so-nice weather to make sure our Top 50 look and sound their very best.

Of course, we couldn’t do what we do without our advertisers and program supporters. A special thanks to Four Seasons Moving for your support.

Finally, our presenting partner Acden. It has been a pleasure to work alongside you to tell these stories. Your integrity, innovation, and the laughter we shared made this year’s Top 50 Under 50 program extra special.

And, as always, to our readers and the community- thank you. It’s been an honour to share your stories, through good times and bad, over the last ten years.

Congratulations to our 2021 Top 50 Under 50 and YMM Builders, presented by Acden! To read more about them, visit

To nominate someone for 2022’s Top 50 Under 50, email Associate Publisher Kerri Johnson at

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