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        Editor-in-Chief: Krista Balsom
        Associate Publisher & Managing Director:
        •   Kerri Johnson
        Creative Director:
        •   Andrew Johnstone
        CFO/Accounts Manager:
        •   Pauline Kelley
        Digital Media Coordinator:                PRESENTED BY
        •   Finn Leland
        Community Content and Events Coordinator:
        •   Mike Jones
        Marketing and Communications Coordinator:
        •   Nathalie Gauthier
        •   Stephanie Mallett
        Contributors:                             IN EVERY HOLIDAY ISSUE
        •   Dave Boutillier
        •   Kristi Hines                          3     Letter from the Editor
        •   Mike Jones
        •   Jessie Levesque                       9     Shop Local Gift Guide
        •   Kayla Little
        •   Kiran Malik-Khan
        Photography:                              FEATURES
        • Taylor-Dawn Photography
                                                  5     A Message From Kristi Hines - Founder
                                                        and CEO of Hines Health Services
        To contact Your McMurray Magazine for     6     Q&A with the Presenting Partner,
        editorial or any other inquiries, please contact
        Kerri Johnson at               Hines Health Services
                                                  21    Christmas with The Littles

                                                  25    Dear Santa… A Fort McMurray Wish list
                                                        for 2024 and Beyond
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