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YMM: Can you share with us some of   and extended family who are invested
        your favourite memories of growing   in their well-being and development.
        up in the Fort McMurray Wood   This sense of community can provide
        Buffalo region?               a support system for both parents and
        KH: Growing up in the Fort McMurray   children, fostering a sense of security
        Wood Buffalo region has provided me   and connection.
        with countless cherished memories.   YMM: What are some of the holiday
        Here are some of my favourite ones:  traditions that you grew up with, that
        Exploring the Boreal Forest: Some   you’re now continuing on with your
        of my fondest memories include   own children?
        spending countless amounts of time   KH: There are many holiday traditions
        exploring the beautiful Boreal Forest   you can do with children during
        that surrounds the region. Whether it   Christmas. We enjoy decorating the
        was building forts with my twin sister   Christmas tree, baking and decorating
        Lindsay, sledding or simply wandering   cookies, caroling and watching family
        through the trails, I always felt a sense   Christmas movies.
        of peace and connection with nature.  YMM: What is the most meaningful
        Community Spirit: The tight-knit   gift that you ever received?
        community in Fort McMurray Wood   KH:  In 2018 I received a Cuckoo clock
        Buffalo is something I will always   from Germany. I love the fact that I
        cherish. From local events and festivals   hear and see it every day.
        to volunteering opportunities, there is
        always a sense of togetherness and   YMM: When you set out to do your
        support. Participating in community   holiday shopping around town,
        activities and witnessing the kindness   where are your favourite stores to
        of the people around me has created   stop in?
        lasting memories.             KH: My favourite shops include the
        Sports and Recreation: The region   Flower Studio, Life Force and of course
        offers a variety of sports and   hitting Peter pond Mall.  I love going
        recreational activities for all ages.   to Coles for new books, Bath & Body
        Whether it was playing volleyball,   Works for candles and now Sephora
        basketball, or participating in   too!
        swimming lessons, I have fond   YMM: Some of your favourite holiday
        memories of the camaraderie and   recipes are featured in this year’s
        the joy of being part of a team. These   Holiday Guide. When it comes to the
        experiences taught me valuable life   delicious food enjoyed during the
        skills and created lasting friendships.   holidays, do you look forward to the
        I believe sports in my childhood made   sweet or the savoury food the most?
        me who I am today...building character   KH:  I like both sweet and savory such
        through sportsmanship.
                                      as homemade sugar cookies and
        These are just a few of my favourite   bacon wrapped water chestnuts.
        memories of growing up in the Fort   YMM: You are a huge supporter
        McMurray Wood Buffalo region. The   of our community; Hines Health
        unique blend of nature, community,   Services has aligned itself with so
        and diverse experiences has shaped   many programs and initiatives in
        me into the person I am today, and I   Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. Why
        am grateful for the opportunities and   was it important to you to be the
        memories this region has provided.
                                      Presenting Partner of Your McMurray
        YMM: Tell us a bit about your own   Magazine’s Holiday Guide this year?
        family, and why you chose to raise   KH: The opportunity to showcase
        your children in our community.
                                      the fantastic business community we
        KH: Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is   have and all of our unique offerings.
        a close-knit community where there   Supporting local business helps to
        is often a strong sense of belonging   create a stronger and more connected
        and support. Children can grow up   community, where people know and
        surrounded by neighbours, friends,   support each other.                                                                                             7
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