Page 9 - YMM Volume 12, Issue 1
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Balsom acknowledges that we live and create within the

                     boundaries of Treaty 8 territory, the ancestral lands of the Dene
                     and Cree peoples and the historical lands of Métis peoples.

                     Balsom and its employees are dedicated to learning more
                     about how we can continue our efforts with reconciliation. We

                     respect the teachings that come from the nations of Treaty 8

                     through land-based learning. We give thanks to the Elders and

                     Knowledge Keepers. We will continue to strive to do our part to

                     reclaim culture and language through our media platforms and
                     tell stories of truth, and path towards meaningful reconciliation.

                     We are grateful for the opportunities to learn the truths of the
                     past. We share in the responsibility of speaking openly about

                     the experience of our Indigenous friends and neighbours on

                     their traditional lands we are honoured to live on.

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