Ramona Morrison

In Memorium

By Barb Reitz, Golden Years Society

The Morrison family moved to Fort McMurray years ago where they raised their three children. From day one, Ramona was involved in the hospitality industry with the Bay Malt Stop and Zellers Cafeteria. An opportunity later arose which saw her move to MacDonald Island as the hospitality manager. It was here that Ramona’s desire and commitment to supporting various agencies and causes thrived.

Throughout her life, Ramona enjoyed serving her community, socializing with friends, raising her children, and spoiling her grandchildren. Her proudest accomplishment apart from her family was Smitty’s Family Restaurant, which became a gathering place for so many over the years.


Ramona organized, promoted, and supported numerous organizations which included Waypoints, Kids Forever, Northern Lights Regional Health Foundation, Royal Canadian Legion, HERO 1, and many non-profit organizations and events.

Throughout the years, she received countless awards and recognition for her service, dedication, and work in the community. She received and proudly displayed the Rotary Club’s Integrity Award for her selfless dedication to community.  The purpose of the award is to recognize adult, non-Rotarian members of the community for their integrity as citizens – the Unsung Hero.

Ramona’s philanthropy was not just directed to the visible non-profit organizations. She opened her heart and connections to support a ball team here for a national championship. She learned they were sharing equipment and very limited on funds. It wasn’t long before every player had his own equipment, and the meals were provided by Smitty’s – a true unsung hero!

Who knew the slogan “We have the energy” evolved from brainstorming at Smitty’s and became the slogan for our region? And Ramona had the energy.

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