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As the Member of Parliament for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, and on behalf of our entire Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo region, I take great pleasure in welcoming all competitors, athletes, cultural ambassadors, coaches and spectators who are visiting Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo as part of the 2023 Arctic Winter Games.

We are thrilled to host over 2,100 athletes from 8 contingents: Alberta North, the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, Nunavik-Quebec, Alaska, Greenland, Northern Alberta and the Indigenous people (Sami) of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Our entire region is overjoyed to once again host an Arctic Winter Games. Personally, I loved being involved as a volunteer the last time we hosted back in 2004, as a high school student and collecting pins from each delegation. I can’t wait to welcome each and every one of you to our spectacular region and maybe even trade some pins!

The power of sport and culture is transformative. It enriches our lives, unlocks our potential, and inspires us to continue to progress. Without passion and drive, no one would wake up at the crack of dawn to train, push for that next rep, or do all the extra work that separates good from great.


The Arctic Winter Games serves not only as a celebration of sport – it’s an opportunity to showcase cultural pride, self-confidence, and leadership abilities in a friendly competitive setting.

These Games will open your eyes to different cultures and meeting fellow athletes from the Circumpolar North will surely create lifelong memories and friendships. Over the course of this week, I welcome everyone to share the connecting power of sport, culture and community spirit; making lifelong memories and friendships that will spring from the Games.

Like any athletic endeavor, this event is a true team effort. I want to commend the Board of Directors, Host Society staff, committees and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to ensuring a thrilling and unique experience for participants.

Good luck to all!


Laila Goodridge, MP
Fort McMurray-Cold Lake

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