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Founder and CEO of Hines Health Services, the Presenting Partner of the 2023 Holiday Guide

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for our family. I have many fond childhood memories of Christmas in my hometown of Fort McMurray.

Every year we’d get a permit from Forestry and go hunting for the best possible Christmas tree with my Dad.

And, every year the tree would be too big and hit the ceiling and my Dad would saw off the top leaving us with a hilarious-looking tree. It took years of intervening to get him to stop cutting the tops off. Our Christmas trees were always multi-coloured lights with a combination of beautiful decorations and homemade ornaments. In the background would be Christmas carols and laughter with my family. We’d go on sleigh rides on Christmas Eve followed by hot chocolate and a huge feast.

My twin sister and I would gather our friends from school and we’d go door-to-door Christmas carolling around Beaconhill until we were too cold. I’ll never forget the looks on the neighbours’ faces when they’d open the door to a bunch of children singing Christmas carols to them. We’d always be offered copious amounts of Christmas treats and such gratitude for brightening their day with Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve, it was always a struggle to sleep because I was so excited to see what Santa delivered. We’d be checking the radio and the TV to hear reports of where Santa was last spotted and at some point, we’d hear bells ringing we’d run to our beds and knew Santa was close. I’d usually be woken by my twin sister Lindsay telling me that Santa had arrived and to get downstairs. Every morning the Christmas tree lights would be glistening off all of the presents around the tree and it was such a magical moment.

Wishing you and your families peace, love, joy and a very Merry Christmas.

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