Crystal Mercredi

Crystal Mercredi

37 Years Old

Class of 2020

“Be willing to adjust, and do it with a smile when possible, because it’s always easier that way. Interruptions to the plan are what life is.”

– Crystal Mercredi when asked what 2020 has taught her.

For Crystal Mercredi, success is defined by creating a life that she is passionate about, and strategically and mindfully aligning her goals with her values. This is what has shaped her business.

The former teacher, who continues to be heavily invested in education, has always been drawn to photography and videography. Crystal found herself passionate about capturing everything about her new daughter in 2011, and so she began photographing families and children. Following the birth of her third child, she transitioned into corporate photography.

“I am inspired everyday by the amazing people in our community and from across the province who come to me for a headshot or to create marketing images for their companies and share their passion and insight,” shares Crystal.

Crediting Arts Council Wood Buffalo and Wood Buffalo Economic Development as significant players in her business development, she says their organized workshops, networking platforms, and the support of knowing they’re always rooting for her success has been impactful. Crystal is now the Northern Alberta Communications Chair for the Professional Photographers of Canada, where she represents our region to the organization as our region’s only accredited member.

Crystal is also now enrolled at Mount Royal University to obtain her certificate in Marketing and Communications. “I’m hoping this certificate will help me with my photographic and video design to be more effective in messaging,” she says, “as well as running my own business and promoting the organizations I serve regularly.”

When it comes to the legacy she is building, Crystal believes that the lasting impact she has made on the community will have more to do with the students she has taught. “I was so proud this year to see two of my first students in Fort Chipewyan graduate from the new alternate school there,” says Crystal. “I also love watching my Fort McKay students starting their families, working their way through college, and developing their careers.”

She also hopes her impact can also be attributed to how she motivates other photographers to value their worth and to market their skills in a sustainable way that allows them continued growth and financial success.

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