Jinan Daqqa

Jinan Daqqa

21 Years Old

Class of 2020

“Twenty-twenty taught me to never take time with friends and family for granted. This year was an eye-opener and taught me that the time we have with those around us is very precious and sometimes limited. So, we have to cherish every moment.”

When Jinan Daqqa was 10-years-old her family immigrated from Tulkarm, Palestine. It took years for her to feel that she had found her place in Canada.

“When trying to navigate in a country that reeks with unfamiliarity, you are fixated on survival. I was lost but I eventually found my place in sports,” she recalled.

“In Grade 8, I was encouraged by my gym teacher to try out for the basketball team. That day transformed my life. I went from googling ‘What is a Point Guard?’ to having the opportunity of being a part of a National Championship basketball team at the varsity level.”

In 2018, she suffered a severe concussion and it was the team of athletic therapists who inspired her to pursue an education in sports medicine. She is currently enrolled in Athletic Therapy at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

“The athletic therapists who helped me through months of rehabilitation really inspired me,” Jinan shared. “Through Athletic Therapy, I have found a profession that encompasses both of my passions, medicine and sport.”

Jinan’s passion for promoting physical activity prompted her to create WomEnpowerment in 2018 with a group of her friends. It is a project that aims to empower women through physical activity by facilitating online workouts, fitness challenges, and (pre-COVID) in-person events.

Jinan also assisted in starting a nonprofit under-18 women’s basketball club, known as Northern Wolves Basketball, in 2018.

“This club team gives basketball players in that age group the opportunity to travel, compete, and challenge themselves,” Jinan explained. “I grew up with limited access to sports outside of the school season. I want to reduce as many barriers as possible because I believe it is important for youth to have the opportunity to play.”

In 2019, after having the athletes ask for Northern Wolves to start up again, she took on the role of Director and Head Coach while also coaching with Northern Trailblazers and working a full-time summer position.

Another passion of Jinan’s is advocating for civil rights, social action, and community development. She has started initiatives and has been involved with several organizations that host educational workshops, facilitate fundraisers, and start conversations that revolve around these issues.

Jinan is focusing on building resiliency and strength during her journey to accomplishing her goals while also working on several initiatives that she hopes will make a positive impact on our community.

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