Mike Booth

Mike Booth

24 Years Old

Class of 2020

“Everyone’s gone through varying degrees of hardship this year, so having a great group of people around you to help you when you’re down has been vital!”

– Mike Booth when asked what 2020 has taught him.

A passion for sports originally led Mike Booth to the airwaves, but it wasn’t long before he discovered having fun at work is what keeps him there.

“When I first decided I wanted to be in radio, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster, and that was my be-all and end-all,” shares Mike. “When I started in the industry, I learned that making people laugh was way more fun than sitting out in the cold calling high school football games in the snow.”

Now the Morning Show Host at Mix 103.7 wakes up every day to share the funny, entertaining, and local stories that matter to people, and try to brighten their day.

Having worked with the Fort McMurray Oil Barons hockey team, and the Fort McMurray Giants baseball team as the man in the stands, Mike is also passionate about local music, and works to help give exposure to local artists through the radio station.

It’s this work that Mike hopes will help shape the legacy he leaves on the community. “I hope people will think back to me and remember someone who really loved this community, tried to bring a smile to their faces every day, and who was a proud supporter of local music,” he says.

A Wood Buffalo resident now for four years, Mike has volunteered his time through the Kinsmen Club of Fort McMurray, which he’s been a part of for nearly two years, as well as Kidsport, having raised funds through their “Penalty Box” campaign. His job has also given him the opportunity to volunteer for worthy causes, and emcee some memorable local events.

Defining success as having a positive impact on people’s lives by bringing them some form of joy, Mike says that can happen anywhere, be it on the radio, at a community event, or even just stopping to chat with someone at the grocery store.

As for what the next year brings, Mike says you’ll find him getting better at his job, seeing more of Alberta, and getting back to the gym, confirming that yes, the Quarantine 15 is a real thing.

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