Rebecca Chartrand

Rebecca Chartrand

43 Years Old

Class of 2020

“If I made one person’s day a happy one, including being happy myself, I’ve achieved success.”

Rebecca Chartrand has called Fort McMurray home since she was one week old. After completing high school, she worked in the community then moved to attend business school at NAIT in Edmonton. She returned to Fort McMurray in 2007 and started a career in the oil sands.

Years following, she attended the 2013 Fort McMurray Trade Show with her niece where a new spike of work interest in massage therapy arose and she found herself back to the books. In 2016, she opened her clinic, Relax Massage Therapy.

“I absolutely fell in love with my new challenge, and decided to make a business out of it,” Rebecca said. “Not a regret since.”

Rebecca is passionate about helping the community raise money for various organizations, and volunteers as much as she can.

“I love volunteering. Volunteering allows me to help give back to the community I have called home for over four decades. I’ve sat on the Fort McMurray United Way Community Investment team and volunteered many years on United Way workplace campaigns. I have also been a member of the Kinette Club of Fort McMurray holding a position as Vice President,” she said.

“Last year, I volunteered to help feed the community along with many volunteers during the Knights of Columbus’ Community Christmas Celebration, which I hope to do again, as it brought so much happiness to many people to celebrate together as one community.”

Rebecca has also connected numerous families with adopted sponsors at Christmas time to bring cheer and joy to families in need. For her, being steadfast and reliable is something she values.

“Twenty-twenty has taught me that I’m the same person during a crisis, or on a regular day. I’m always there to lend a hand.”

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