Steph and Sky Seidel

Steph and Sky Seidel

32 & 34 Years Old

Class of 2020

Steph Seidel

“Getting to co-host the morning show means I have an opportunity every day to add something, be it a chuckle, a feel-good story, a little kindness or information, to more folks than I’ll ever get to meet.”

Steph Seidel was attending school in Sydney, Australia, when she met her now-husband Sky. With a passion for adventure in common, they’ve carved out a life together with an up-for-anything attitude. They spend their time hosting friends in their home, and getting out into the community.

“I’m passionate about making sure people feel welcomed,” shared Steph. “I hate loneliness, and I’m always looking for the new person in the room to do my best to make them feel like it was worth it for them to get off the couch and get out there.”

As the morning co-host at Mix 103.7, and a news anchor on 100.5 Cruz FM, Steph always knew that she wanted to be someone that added to another’s day.

“Before going to radio school, I planned to be a teacher and hoped to teach kids to love well and be kind. When I pivoted and chose radio, I still had that goal to add something good to someone’s day,” she explained.

“Getting to co-host the morning show means I have an opportunity every day to add something, be it a chuckle, a feel-good story, a little kindness or information, to more folks than I’ll ever get to meet. What a privilege.”

Now a champion of the cause of local social profits, Steph is grateful for a job that allows her to interview great people and share the information they’re passionate about with the community.

She also emcees many local events and loves to spend her time volunteering. She has served on the Fort McMurray Food Festival Committee, hosted the Teen Trivia Night at the Wood Buffalo Regional Library, and recently became a Girl Guide leader.

She also lends a hand with the Lion Heart Summer Camp are all ways she enjoys helping out.

With a to-do list that includes renovating their vintage camper and taking up some sort-of adventurous winter activity to help her forget how cold it gets, Steph is also planning to complete Fuse Social’s Leadership Wood Buffalo course.

“For me, success is going to bed each night knowing I made the most of the day and that I didn’t take away from anyone else’s ability to enjoy theirs, too.”

Sky Seidel

“Success is a cumulative force. Every win, every moment you push down the hate and pursue love, every learning and growing moment… those work together to build the success of a person or project.”

Since coming to Fort McMurray four years ago, Sky Seidel has had many opportunities to spend time improving the lives of young people in our community, culminating in his current role with the FMPSD.

“I worked for years with an organization called Instruments of Change that gave private music lessons to students aged 11-18 who needed an extra outlet during the school day,” he said. “I was lucky enough to work with a passionate group of young people working with the organization 3 Things Wood Buffalo. Members would do three random acts of kindness and encourage the community members impacted by the program to pay it forward. This brought me to the District Recording Studio, where I worked on lunch and afterschool music and arts programs, all ages open mic events, and produced a CD written entirely by youth in Fort McMurray.”

Sky was also part of the team that created Lionheart Summer Camp, where he is able to teach music, art, and life lessons over the summer in Fort McMurray, Conklin, Janvier, and Fort Chipewyan.

“I’ve always been passionate about teaching and bringing up the next generation. Fort McMurray has presented many exciting opportunities,” said Sky.

Married to Steph, Sky enjoys spending time in the water and reading, writing or watching a good story. But more than anything he loves teaching our community’s youth, hoping to make their lives better.

“I think the greatest testament to myself would be if I could help raise up a generation that believes in themselves and cares for others. If I can be a part of that, I will be happy.”

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