Blake Crossley

Blake Crossley

47 Years Old

Class of 2021

You’ve probably seen Blake Crossley running (literally) around Fort McMurray.

Hailing from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, he is an active volunteer, and even more active community supporter. Blake chatted with YMM about his passion for running, and the advice he didn’t heed.

YMM: What is the best advice you have ever received?

BK: Just keep running, running, running.

YMM: For what are you most grateful?

BK: To my cardiac team in Edmonton and technology (Medtronic – Pacemaker). Because of this device I am alive and enjoy the things I love (family, running, etc).

YMM: Describe your perfect day in Fort McMurray.

BK: A nice long run on the Birchwood Trails on a -40 degree Sunday.

YMM: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve taken on this year?

BK: Running the Boston Marathon here in Fort McMurray while dealing with foot issues and a failing pacemaker. I didn’t know until a week before the race that I would be allowed to run. So getting the green light from my heart doctors was gold.

YMM: Who is your hero?

BK: I have a few heroes. From my family (mom, wife, 2 boys), those I run for (Tessa, Shaylee, Tracy, Shauna, Ian, Super Steve) to Bono, Brett Favre, David Ortiz, Zdeno Chara, Mark Hamill and of course Larry Bird.

YMM: How should success be measured?

BK: Success should be measured by impact. The impact it has not only on you but others as well.

YMM: What’s the worst advice you ever received?

BK: Just quit, the writing is on the wall. I didn’t listen.

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