Brandon Folmer

Brandon Folmer

31 Years Old

Class of 2022

Hailing from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Brandon Folmer currently works as a server at The Smokin’ Butcher, and sits on the Pride YMM board as a committee member.

He has two large cats called Terrance and Phillip, two key players in what he would consider his perfect day in Fort McMurray. As one of this year’s Top 50 Under 50, Brandon shared with YMM about his life in our community.

YMM: What keeps you in Fort McMurray?

BF: The arts community and my close friends/family. I’ve been impassioned by the arts and the arts community for the past four years, where I have met and worked alongside some of the most wonderful people with a beautiful passion for the arts and the programs it provides to our community. Finding a sense of community and support is important for a lot of us in life, and I’ve found a lovely family of friends that makes every venture an experience to remember.

YMM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

BF: Becoming a performance and artist drag performer. For many years I was afraid of what other people would think and mostly afraid of failing, so I just didn’t bother to try. Since my first performance in 2018, I’ve grown as an artist in many ways, and I’m very grateful to the people who have helped get me to where I am. Since my journey began, I’ve also gone on to join the local theatre community and have been involved in some amazing and very rewarding productions. I am proud to be a part of an expressive and impassioned community.

YMM: How would friends and acquaintances describe you?

BF: I think my friends would describe me as being a bit of a wildcard. I’m high-energy and always looking to bring a smile to someone’s face. So they also better say funny.

YMM: Who is your hero, and why?

BF: My hero is my mom because she showed me that determination could get you through everything. She also taught me to follow my passions and to do the things I love.

YMM: For what are you most grateful?

BF: I would have to say that I’m most grateful for my friends, both near and far, that have pushed me to be the best version of myself. Without them, I would surely be in a different place than I am now.

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