IJ Uche-Ezeala

IJ Uche-Ezeala

45 Years Old

Class of 2022

Lady IJ is an outstanding example of a modern leader who focuses on the primary goal of serving others, bridging gaps, and creating meaningful and sustainable relationships across the sectors in our region.

She is tireless in her efforts to provide opportunities for children to reach their full potential, helping them to overcome obstacles with positivity and determination, as the director and owner of Kumon. Lady IJ is a perfect example of a woman who puts her skills and talents to good use in the service of her community. She does not limit her abilities to make a change in our region and enthusiastically encourages others to rise to the occasion. She is a powerhouse of energy!

YMM: What does community mean to you?

IU: Community to me means the art of engagement, education, and empowerment, where people collaborate to impact positive changes, and contribute to the growth and success of the region.

YMM: What would you say to your 10-year-old self?

IU: I would charge my 10-year-old self, never let failure define or defeat you, but rather see any failure as a challenge to overcome, as you journey in life to achieve your goals. Every mistakes, offer great impetus for growth when there are lessons to learn and wisdom to gain. Do not criticize the past (history) but grow from that knowledge, preserve it and pass it on. Be intentional as you plan your life and find a good mentor. Build courage, listen more for there is strength in knowing the limitations of your age and hold fast to that which is good. Don’t be shy to ask or receive help; encourage the weak, support the afflicted and strengthen the faint-hearted. Honor all people, but don’t let anyone steal your joy! Love and serve the Lord.

YMM: What motivates you?

IU: I am truly motivated by my pursuit of a selfless passion – to build kids with strong study ethics and confidence, and life skills that prepare the kids for life outside the four walls of any institution. I encourage the kids to maximize their potential, knowing that the key to great success is practice, consistency, willingness to learn, and the ability to improve. These are the life skills that my business delivers.

YMM: What is one challenge you’d like to tackle in 2023?

IU: My continuous involvement in raising awareness of the importance of giving RMWB children excellent after-school educational support by teaching them beyond school curriculum activities to help them build life skills for their future. Building confidence, self-worth, independence, and the ability to deal with difficult situations head-on and find solutions without quitting on any challenge.

YMM: How should success be measured?

IU: I believe success should be measured by the positive impact of one’s contribution in people. Ensure your contribution inspire people to put their best foot forward, not to throw in the towel but turn adversities into advantages, and oppositions into opportunities, as they live life with no regrets.

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