Tyler Whelan

Tyler Whelan

41 Years Old

Class of 2022

Tyler is an integral part of the Fort McMurray music scene’s identity.

He’s personable and talented, and an incredible contributor to the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region.

YMM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

TW: Having songs I’ve written recorded by other artists like Ken Flaherty, Jimmy Whiffen and Cory Gallant and being able to create songs with some of the best songwriters on the planet

YMM: Describe your perfect day in YMM.

TW: Enjoy a morning coffee with my wife. Walk my dog, Freddy. Write a song. Demo the song. Go to Darryl Johns for dinner and a couple of beers and tunes on his patio. Watch an Adam Sandler movie with my wife, haha!

YMM: Who is your hero, and why?

TW: I have many. Ralph Murphy. He was my songwriter mentor. He treated celebrities like normal people and normal people like celebrities. My Dad for his charisma and for being a gentleman. My mom for her faith and kindness. My wife for her ability to get things done. Darryl John because he never utters a curse word or gets mad… there are a lot more, but I’ll leave it at that.

YMM: How have your priorities changed in the last 10 years?

TW: I’ve learned that sometimes you have to cut ties with people who aren’t on the same path as you. That’s not easy, but necessary. It’s okay to reset values and reevaluate what actually brings joy in your life.

YMM: What is the biggest challenge you’ve taken on this year?

TW: In all honesty, performing shows again. I took a pretty long break from music, but I’m very happy to be back playing in this community again. Also, I’m refinishing a set of drums my good friend Tyson Coombs was kind enough to give me to work on. That’s been a learning curve, to say the least.

YMM: What three words best describe you?

TW: Humble. Introvert. Creator.

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