Amy Savill

Amy Savill

42 Years Old

Class of 2023

From our selection committee: “Amy is the backbone of the Anzac Community. As the Principal of Anzac Community School and Bill Woodward School, she works tirelessly to build strong, resilient, healthy young community members. She has incorporated her love for the land into the fabric of the school curriculum and began the first piloted Land-Based Learning Program. When Amy is not teaching or running extracurricular activities, you will find her coaching her kids’ soccer team or tending to her home farm of chickens, dogs, roosters, horses and sheep.”

Originally from Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Amy Savill is described as confident, adventurous, and kind. She has called the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region home since 2010 and is now the Principal of Anzac Community School and Bill Woodward High School.

YMM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
AS: I completed my Masters with three small kids, working a full-time job and coaching. I never could have accomplished this without support from Dallas, my fiancé.

YMM: Tell us about your volunteer experience in the community.
AS: I have coached multiple sports for my school. I have run a soccer program at the Anzac Recreation Center. I volunteer for the Anzac Rec Board in fundraising opportunities. I am currently head coach for a Fury Soccer team. Our schools offer many afterschool programs and I help out with many of them.

YMM: What motivates you?
AS: A challenge. If I set a goal or see a challenge I love to find solutions and work hard to find success.

YMM: How have your priorities changed in the last 10 years?
AS: My oldest is 10, so becoming a mom has obviously changed my priorities. My children are always my number one priority. I love to watch them try new things and meet new friends. I moved from being a leader in my own classroom to a leader in my school. As a Principal, my position allows me to have a greater impact on more students and on my community.

YMM: How should success be measured?
AS: By the way you feel at the end. If you feel good about your accomplishment, you have found success!

YMM: What is the best advice you ever received?
AS: Never forget the power of yet. If you work hard you can accomplish your goal. You may not be able to do something “yet” but keep working hard, ask for help when you need it, and you can accomplish anything.

YMM: In your opinion, in what areas does Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo need improvement?
AS: Working with our youth, I see a huge need for faster mental health support.

YMM: What keeps you in our region?
AS: Anzac feels like a big family. The community offers a lifestyle we love. We quad, take our boat out or attend one of the amazing activities our community hosts. Everyone knows each other and looks out for our kids. We are lucky to have Fort McMurray so close. We have all the sports our kids could ever want and they have met amazing coaches and friends through those programs.

YMM: What does community mean to you?
AS: Community is a place where we look out for each other, support each other and build each other up.

YMM: What would you tell your 12-year-old self?
AS: When I was 12, I moved from Labrador to Nova Scotia and it was a hard year. I would tell myself, “Things will be okay, and you will meet wonderful friends that you still have in your life 30 years later.”

YMM: Who is your hero, and why?
AS: My parents. They raised us in a house that welcomed everyone.

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