Joy Rose Flett

Joy Rose Flett

43 Years Old

Class of 2023

Hailing from Fort Chipewyan, Joy Flett is formerly the Indigenous and Community Relations advisor at Suncor, and has actively volunteered her time within the community.

Described as reliable, dependable, and honest, Joy is best at helping others, and finds passion in helping others achieve the greatness they deserve.

YMM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
JF: Graduating high school with a three-year-old on my hip, considering I became I mom at age 15. I was the only one of my classmates to make it to last year, I was doubted, I was challenged, but I succeeded. My son is not a barrier to my goals he is my pillar of strength, and was the highlight of my valedictorian speech!

YMM: What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
JF: In 2014 I took a leave of absence from my job at Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Fort Chip to move to Belleville, Ontario to study Broadcast Journalism/Aboriginal Media at First Nations Technical Institute in Tyendinaga ON. However, my grandmother was ill, and that didn’t allow me to return to complete my final year. I chose her over school.

YMM: Who is your hero, and why?
JF: My grandfather. He was a traditional land-user, he hunted, trapped and fished to provide for his eight living children and then me. My grandparents raised me and I am proud to say that I can survive on the land as well as the city. I was given the tools so that I may walk in two worlds; he taught me that.

YMM: In your career, what did you find most rewarding?
JF: Giving back to my communities and the Members, working with Elders and youth, showing care and compassion in all that I do for our Indigenous members in the region.

YMM: What keeps you in the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region?
JF: This is my home, my family my relatives, this is where my heart belongs! Being here gives me the opportunity to give back to causes that matter in and around our city. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and the accessibility to the land from my home is what matters the most!

YMM: In your opinion, in what areas does Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo need improvement?
JF: We need to do more to support our homeless population, we need to find proactive solutions to overcome the barriers faced, they are human and they matter too! We are so quick to pass judgment but if we take a minute to try and understand what they go through it will make us better people in ways to help!

YMM: What does community mean to you?
JF: Everything! My community is my home! I love being part of this incredible amazing region. We are so unique up here in the RMWB, we are one people even though we represent five Nations and several Métis locals, most will always call one another family/cousin….

YMM: What are you most grateful for?
JF: My son and my granddaughters…they are the reason I’m here doing what I’m doing – showing them that no matter what life throws you, you are the master of your own destiny. I want them to know how hard I worked to make a difference for them.

YMM: What is the biggest challenge you’ve taken on this year?
JF: Readjusting! I have never not been employed and this one brought on many emotions as I navigate towards my next greatest adventure.

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