YMM Builders – 2020

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In 2019, the YMM Builders award recognition was implemented into Your McMurray Magazine’s annual Top 50 Under 50 program to credit and celebrate the “Builders of Our Community”.

Each selected recipient represents the legacy of the Wood Buffalo region. They helped pave the way for the region’s growth, development, sustainability and community spirit. The YMM Builders are chosen by the Top 50 Under 50’s selection panel each year. This panel includes an annually rotated group of community members and YMM’s editorial team.

This year’s recipients include energy industry icon and visionary Eric Newell, Canadian mining legend Jim Carter and local ambassadors for theatrical arts Norm and Sheila Sutton. Learn how they’ve impacted the Wood Buffalo region by clicking their photos below.

The inaugural YMM Builders for 2019 included Fort McMurray’s construction industry legend John Wilson of H. Wilson Industrial Ltd., shipyard relic saver Jack ‘Torchy’ Peden, and Indigenous businesses innovator Dave Tuccaro. Click here to learn more about the 2019 recipients.

The YMM Builders Award for 2020

Each YMM Builder is recognized with a community award designed and crafted by members in the local arts industry. Each award reflects the individual celebrated and features representations of the unique, important legacy that the recipients have given to our region.

NURTURE for Eric Newell
INNOVATE for Jim Carter
INSPIRE Norm & Sheila Sutton

Last year’s award was designed by Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) Special Projects Manager Sharon Heading.

The YMM Builders of 2020 will receive an award custom-designed by Fort McMurray artist Liana Wheeldon which are construction bricks painted in acrylic, pastel and ink. She has also titled the awards for each recipient to represent them: NURTURE for Eric Newell, INNOVATE for Jim Carter and INSPIRE for Norm and Sheila Sutton.

“Bricks represent the solid foundation, strength of spirit, and weighty contribution made by the Builders,” she said. “Some have built the ‘brick and mortar’ infrastructure in our region, some have built industry, others have built a welcoming community. All have built this place we call home with their tenacity, compassion, and innovation.”

Celebrating our Top 50 Under 50 is made possible with the support from our incredible community partners


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