Fortitude in Adversity:

Dr. Mohamed Jomha’s Call to Action for Fort Chipewyan Evacuees – A Legacy of Resilience and Community Support

In the tight-knit community of Fort Chipewyan, nestled deep within the breathtaking Wood Buffalo region, a looming threat forced its residents to evacuate their homes, leaving behind cherished memories and the comfort of their town.

However, in the face of adversity, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Dr. Mohamed Jomha, a compassionate local hero with roots that traced back a century in Wood Buffalo.

Dr. Jomha, whose family legacy in the region began with his grandfather’s initiation of Mike’s Barber Shop, had achieved great success as a medical practitioner on the distant shores of Malta Island. Despite the distance, Dr. Jomha maintained a deep connection to his ancestral hometown, where his grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the community were still remembered.

The plight of his community, particularly the Fort Chipewyan evacuees, resonated deeply with Dr. Jomha. Drawing strength from his family’s legacy of resilience and community support, he felt compelled to take action, even from afar.


During a heartfelt conversation with his close friend, Mohamed, owner of Prestige Jewellers, Dr. Jomha’s determination crystallized. With a sense of urgency in his voice, he spoke passionately about the challenges faced by the Fort Chipewyan evacuees and the pressing need for support. Inspired by his grandfather’s example, Dr. Jomha urged Mohamed to spearhead a local campaign that would rally the community together in solidarity.

Moved by Dr. Jomha’s heartfelt plea and recognizing the significance of their shared heritage, Mohamed embraced the cause wholeheartedly. Drawing upon his entrepreneurial spirit and deep connection to the community, he transformed Prestige Jewellers into a hub of compassion. Through a specially designed collection of jewelry pieces, Mohamed aimed to raise funds and awareness for the evacuated residents of Fort Chipewyan, carrying forward the legacy of support that Dr. Jomha’s grandfather had initiated with Mike’s Barber Shop.

Driven by his unwavering determination to help those in need, Dr. Jomha generously contributed a significant sum to kickstart the campaign, igniting a spark of hope within the community.

News of the local initiative quickly spread throughout Fort McMurray, captivating the attention of residents and local media outlets. The community, deeply rooted in Wood Buffalo’s history, rallied behind Dr. Jomha and Mohamed, united in their shared mission to support the Fort Chipewyan evacuees. Donations poured in from local businesses, compassionate individuals, and neighbouring communities, each contribution a testament to the strength and compassion inherited from the legacy of Mike’s Barber Shop.

Through their collective efforts, the campaign blossomed into a symbol of hope for the Fort Chipewyan evacuees. The funds raised provided vital aid, including temporary housing, essential supplies, and emotional support, offering a lifeline to those affected by the evacuation. Dr. Jomha’s call to action, inspired by his family’s enduring legacy in Wood Buffalo, had touched the lives of many.

As the news of the campaign’s success reached Dr. Jomha in Malta, his heart swelled with pride for his community and the resilience they demonstrated. A deep desire to return to his roots in Wood Buffalo, to establish a medical practice dedicated to serving the region, and to provide specialized support to the First Nations community grew within him. Dr. Mohamed Jomha, a symbol of compassion and fortitude, prepared to make his homecoming, carrying the torch of his family’s legacy into a new chapter of service and healing.

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