Meet Pamela Mosher

Scroll saw and painted sign artist who transforms spaces with unique designs

In 2020, Pamela Mosher lost her mother and soon after, felt as though she had lost a bit of herself. In her quest to find her passion project, she found her love for the scroll saw.

At first, the art of using this power tool did not come easy to her. With the assistance of online videos and her husband, Mosher began to create Christmas ornaments which quickly became very popular on social media. The orders took off and Home Maker Designs was born.

“Working with power tools is scary, they are loud and they are dangerous but you get used to it. I have had lots of people tell me, I could never do that. I feel like I have a lot of women saying, I wish I could do that or I wish I was creative. But, if I can teach myself how to use all these things and figure it out, then really anybody can.”


Originally from Nova Scotia, Mosher has been a resident of Fort McMurray for 13 years. An Entrepreneur, wife and mom to three young children, Mosher has quite the busy activity schedule however, creating pieces out of her garage inspires her to continue to develop her craft.

“I needed something that was mine. I work out of my garage and there is no heat out there right now. With this deep freeze that we have been in, I’ve been unable to work and it’s my release. I get antsy. I saw a video online of someone with their saw the other day and I realized, I missed my saw, I need to get out there.”

Mosher creates a variety of scroll saw wooden art and signs. Many of her designs include pieces with inspirational, witty and hilarious sayings. Mosher especially enjoys creating sayings that embody female empowerment, self-confidence and believing in oneself – pieces that send a good message, especially to women.  One of her favourite pieces is her scrolled sunflowers. This piece was a skill turning point for her, Mosher says as she upgraded her saw and practised the skill of cutting precise edges and sanding.

Mosher is working on more scroll and collection pieces this year. Her designs can be found at Razor’s Edge Hair Studio and Fort McMurray Heritage Society Gift Shop. To request a custom piece and see more of her work, visit her Facebook page at Home Maker Designs or at

Photo Credit (1st photo): Jenna Buffet Photography

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