Meet a YMM Parent Featuring Kayla Little

Kayla Little was born in Toronto, raised in Newfoundland, and has called Fort McMurray home for 17 years. Here, she is a wife, a mother, and a veteran realtor and designer, having filled the latter role for 12 years.

Kayla met her husband, Robbie, two days after he moved to Fort McMurray in 2021, and they were married in May of this year. Kayla is Mama to Bex (an eight-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog), Lady (a one-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog), and Patrick, a four-month-old adorable human being.

Kayla recently chatted with YMM Parent about her new role as Patrick’s mama, and some of the things she loves about our community.

YMM Parent: When it comes to parenting, what are some of the things you’re focusing on right now?


KL: Right now my focus is on spending quality time with Patrick as he grows and learns new things, there is so much change every day and I don’t want to miss out on these special moments so I’m spending time exploring new activities. It’s a real balancing act being a new mom, wife and running a business but all three bring me so much joy and fulfillment.

YMM Parent: You were a pet parent to Bex and Lady before adding Patrick to your family. What parenting skills have you been able to port over from Bex and Lady to Patrick?

KL: Before Patrick, having fur babies was my experience with parenting, and some may say that they aren’t alike, and when it comes to the magnitude of motherhood they are right, but there are a couple of similarities that stand out to me. The day I brought home Bex my life changed, my priorities shifted and I was now responsible for even the most basic needs of another living being. There are many challenging times with both, especially with our youngest pup, Lady. She’s her father’s child! But the loving bond you share makes it worth the time and patience you put in, and you work hard towards your role of raising a well-mannered child or pup. You also have to learn how to communicate without speaking, learning what your child or dog wants without them being able to tell you is a special skill that I’m still learning.

YMM Parent: If you were tasked with convincing young families to call Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo home, what would you say to them?

KL: Come, move here together, put down roots and watch your family and friendships flourish. I have lived coast to coast, and the community and opportunities that await your family here – from adventure, sports and culture – are like nothing I have experienced anywhere else.

YMM Parent: Describe your perfect day spent with the family in Fort McMurray.

KL: I have two versions of my perfect day because I can’t choose just one. During the warmer season, spending the day kayaking or fishing with my husband Robbie, followed by a bbq with great friends and their families, then spending the night around a campfire and the northern lights at the lake. Fun fact: we spent 121 nights straight in our camper last summer.

The winter version would be similar but spending the day in the trails, pulling Patrick in his sled and watching our Bernese Mountain Dogs live their best lives in the deep snow. Hunting with Robbie is always memorable, even throughout my entire pregnancy we hunted together and I’m sure Patrick will join us this season.

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